Saratov The Center For Volga German Studies At Concordia
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The Center for Volga German Studies at Concordia University has chosen to define the Volga German geographical area as that region along the Volga River near Saratov which was settled by the aforementioned immigrants who responded to Catherine's 1763 Manifesto and were settled in the original 106 mother colonies. Saratov was the first point of arrival for the German colonists and the location of the Kontora Office of Immigrant Oversite following the establishment of the colonies in the 1760's. From its beginning as a provincial outpost, Saratov grew to become a prosperous city and served as the center of industry for the Volga German colonists.

The Center supports the preservation of and education about the heritage, history and accomplishments of the German settlers who established colonies along the lower Volga River in Russia. Concordia University is proud to hold a special collection of relevant materials at our Portland campus library.

The Center for Volga German Studies supports research into and preservation of the heritage, history, traditions and accomplishments of the Volga Germans. The Center seeks knowledge and understanding of the relevance of Volga Germans yesterday, today and tomorrow. As a research center, it seeks to answer the following questions.</plaintext> By 1798, there were more than 38,800 individuals living in 101 German speaking colonies along the Volga River near Saratov. Immigrants traveling from the German lands would first arrive at Kronstadt, a Russian naval Port located on a island in the Gulf of Finland west of St. Petersburg.</p> <p>Jan 26, 2019- The Center for Volga German Studies at Concordia University. Jan 26, 2019- The Center for Volga German Studies at Concordia University. Straub, where our family was from, was south of Saratov; Administrative map of the historical Volga region of Russia. S Thomas s. VOLGA. Holiday Pricing! - The Volga Flows Forever Trilogy - Published by The Center for Volga German Studies at Concordia University. The Volga German immigrants and their descendants converted the harsh Russian steppe into fields of waving grain dotted with wind and water driven flour mills. For colony spelling and name variations see the Volga German Gazetteer. In 1898, A. N. Minkh, a member of the Saratov Scientific Archive Commission wrote a series of articles about the German colonies on the Volga for the Russian Encyclopedia and Historical Geographic Dictionary of the Saratov.</p> <p>The Center for Volga German Studies at Concordia University. Visit. Discover ideas about Volga Germans. The Center for Volga German Studies at Concordia University. Volga Germans Concordia University Imperial Russia My Heritage Ancestry. Novaya Osinovka, Saratov Oblast See more. Yagodnaya Polyana, Saratov, Russia. 407 likes. Friends of the Center for Volga German Studies at Concordia University. Arizona Sun Chapter. See More triangle-down;. Share17Author’s Update: Interested in more tricks for deciphering old German handwriting? Check out our popular book. The Center for Volga German Studies at Concordia University Подробнее. 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